Rancilio Baby 9

2 400,00

Specially designed for the use of pre-portioned coffee pouches in the Horeca trade.

Technical features
Steam wand: 1
Hot water wand: 1
Coffee selections for each group : 2 programmable + 1 on/off
Boiler capacity for coffee (liters) : 0,3l per group
Boiler capacity for steam and water (liters) : 1l

Technical data
Width (mm) : 550
Depth (mm) : 413
Height (mm) : 367
Weight (kg) : 29
Power at 220-240 V : 1,100W per group – 1,000 W steam boiler


•Direct water connection
•boiler and/or 1 coee group switch o function (energy saving)
•electronic preinfusion
•hot water distributor
•built-in safety thermostats
•built-in vibration pump for each dispenser group


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