A Brand of long-lived Tradition

Julius Meinl is proud to be THE ambassador of Viennese coffeehouse culture since 1862. As the first professional roaster in Europe and throughout constant innovation, Julius Meinl has built a unique and highly successful coffee culture based on Viennese tradition. Since 1862, Julius Meinl stands for experience, tradition and products of premium quality.

We value our Origin and Heritage, in other words tradition, Vienna and history. Ever since 1862, we have been upholding our brand’s fine tradition. Our coffees, our service and presentation set us apart. Served on a silver tray in a porcelain cup and saucer with a small glass of water and a spoon balanced atop, Julius Meinl coffee tastes best when served in this traditional Viennese way. It is the presentation and service that enables the customer to sit back, relax and take time to enjoy a real cup of coffee, a single espresso, tea or hot chocolate.