Assam Harmutty – 250g


Julius Meinl chooses Assam from Harmutty Estate located at the foothills of Eastern Himalaya. Established in 1870, Harmutty Estate offers tea with incredible full-bodied smoothness and a mat sweetness. Assam teas are famous for their full-bodied, intensive taste. This tea contains high amount of golden tips – the young tea leaf buds, indicating the freshness and the top quality of this treat. Also perfect to enjoy with a dash of milk or cream.

Tea-Picking Region: India, the state of Assam

Brewing instructions:
1 gram of tea per 100 ml of water, time of infusion is 3 to 5 minutes at a temperature around 95-100 °C.

Top Grading: STGFOP1
Special Tippy Golden Flowery Orange Pekoe is a tea leaf grading which means that the tea contains a high percentage of young golden leaves which are named tips. The grading system is employed at tea auctions.

Berry Cocktail – 250g


A generous amount of mouth-watering fruit pieces, mingled with colorful petals and herbs, this is what makes Julius Meinl Fruit Tea so unique.
Apple, currant, elderberry, raspberry, strawberry, cherry, the richness of this fruit blend brings a carnival of color and flavor. This generous fruit tea impresses with a refreshing head note of red fruits. It is then gently refined with seductive notes of cream.

Brewing instructions:
1-2 gram of tea per 100 ml of water, time of infusion is from 5-10 minutes at a temperature of 100 °C.

Ceylon Nuwara Eliya – 250g


Julius Meinl Ceylon is carefully picked in Nuwara Eliya in Sri Lanka. The mild climate of the this region is ideal for tea cultivation. The tea from there offers an unsurpassed quality: the glossy glitter of its tiny tea leaves, an exquisite aroma and a well-balanced robust flavor.

Tea-Picking Region: Sri-Lanka, Nuwara Eliya

Brewing instructions:
1 gram of tea per 100 ml of water, time of infusion is 3 to 4 minutes at a temperature around 95-100 °C.

China Sencha – 250g


Sencha is one of the most popular green tea types, a traditional green tea enchants with a delicate and fresh taste. This Sencha has a delightful freshness and develops a pleasant sweetness.

Tea-Picking Region: China

Chinese Jasmin Chun Hao – 250g


A classic green tea with an intensively refreshing flavour of Jasmine flowers. The blending of tea leaves with jasmine flowers is one of the most ancient ways of naturally flavouring tea, a procedure also called “scenting”. The transparent golden infusion cools down and quenches thirst.

Tea-Picking Region: China, the province of Fujian

Earl Grey – 250g


Legend has it that Earl Grey was born out of a pure coincidence: a British boat was struck by a heavy storm, which broke all the casks of bergamot oil and spilled the oil all over the tea crops which were also on board.Such accident yet left us a heavenly gift, an intensive black tea with unique bergamot aroma.

The Julius Meinl Earl Grey revives this tradition with a refreshing allure.

Kir Royal – 250g


This tea is named after the French cocktail which is based on a black currant liquor. It has a bright fragrant fruit and berry composition with a sparkling flavour and a slightly astringent aftertaste. Exotic papaya pieces and currants build a fruity-sweet base for this delicious fruit tea.

Wild Berry – 250g


An all-time favourite! This fruit tea composition comes up with a golden pink infusion together with the intensive, full-fruity taste of black and red berries.