Biodegradable Espresso Crema 10×5.6g


This well balanced blend of Arabica coffees from Central America with a touch of Asian Robusta has a soft and balanced taste. – Innovative capsule body made of compostable biopolymer based on renewable raw materials


– 100% certified industrial compost (OK COMPOST by TÜV Austria/Vincotte)
– Made from renewable resources, 100% certified OK BIOBASED (OK BIOBASED by TÜV Austria/Vincotte)
– Aluminium free, PVDC free, OGM free, BPA free
– Highest aroma protection through a patented aroma seal, which protects the coffee from oxygen ensuring best flavor and taste.

Bean Type: Arabica/Robusta
Roast Level: 3
Intensity: 8
Acidity: 6
Sweetness: 8
Aroma: delicate
Flavor: very round & balanced with persistent aftertaste
Qty/pack: 10 capsules


Julius Meinl capsules are compatible with Nespresso®* machines. *This trademark belongs to a third party which is associated neither with the Julius Meinl Group.

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